Flu Season

CONSOLE: Flu Season

Remember to get your shots!

New Troop: Sir Snothelm

All Goblins are, at the very least, mildly deranged.
Sir Snothelm, however, is not only a haven for more than a dozen serious psychoses, neuroses, and odious personal habits, he is also patient zero for at least seventeen serious virulent diseases including Ghulvanian Zombie Fever, Purple Naga Plague, and Black Beast Bacterial Nasalitis.
This would debilitate most creatures, but Sir Snothelm has never let a chronic illness slow him down! He has grabbed a helm, a sword, and has set out on a mission to infect as much of Krystara as possible before he sneezes his final sneeze.

New Troop: Giant Toadstool

What better to accompany everyone’s favorite ball of mucus, Sir Snothelm, than the Giant Toadstool; fungus is something Sir Snothelm is quite intimately associated with after all. Nobody is sure where or when these creatures started appearing in Zaejin – it’s entirely possible their existence began somewhere between Snothelm’s mouldy dirt-encrusted toes – but one thing is for certain… They multiply at an alarming rate!

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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