Guiding Spirit

CONSOLE: Guiding Spirit

Join the Ancestral Spirits in the Divinion Fields!

New Troop: Astral Spirit

The Centaurs of the Divinion Fields worship their ancestors, whom they believe reside amongst the many stars in the sky.

Occasionally, through magic, or great force of will, those ancestral spirits can be summoned down to earth. Often they are called upon to protect the Centaurs’ homeland, but sometimes it is simply their wisdom that is sought. When summoned, they appear as bright blue glowing spirits, who can remain for only a few hours before they must travel back to the stars.

New Troop: Moa

Moas are strange flightless birds found in many parts of Krystara, but in the Divinion Fields huge herds of them are often seen running together like a sea of moving color.

Sadly they are also extremely delicious. Nature is indeed cruel to make an animal so easy to see AND so tasty that no predator could EVER pass one up!

Fun Fact: A group of Moas is called a “Rainbow of Moas”!

There are no new troops being added to chests this week.

Please note this Event only applies to Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game.

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