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The console update has taken a little longer than planned (thanks mainly to the thoroughness of both Microsoft & Sony with regards to privacy issues around in-game chat).
But while we wait for the update to finally arrive (real soon now, we hope) we’ve got a special Legendary Troop for you all (only one this week, because of the incoming update though)!

New Troop: Winter Imp
The seasons are changing again! By Imperial Decree, we must impart some impressive and impassioned news of a very important update that may impact (but hopefully not impair) the way you play Gems of War.
Now, we know you are all impatient, so lest we impolitely impede your enjoyment of the game, allow us to introduce the Imponderable… the Impregnable… Winter Imp.
We hope you are impressed!

Winter Imp
As per usual, the Autumnal Imp has left chests to make way for the Winter Imp.
Note that the Winter Imp is only available on PC and Mobile currently!

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