Little Hunt On The Prairie

CONSOLE: Little Hunt on the Prairie

He’s on the hunt, he’s after you…

New Troop: Wild Fang

As Sir David ETTINborough – the famed two-headed naturalist of Broken Spire – once observed: “In any healthy ecosystem, as the number of prey rise, so too do the numbers of predators”.
So it makes perfect sense that as we’ve seen a growth in the number of Wildfolk in Krystara, a new predator was about to arrive.

Welcome, Wild Fang!
Wild Fang is a Gnoll with a particular predilection for slaughtering Wildfolk; Centaurs, Raksha, Wargare, he doesn’t discriminate. Rumors abound that his parents may have been killed by an over-zealous Centaur Scout when he was just a pup. Gnolls tend to be mildly unhinged even with a good stable upbringing, so this may go a long way to explain the motives behind this slavering, murderous furball of pure rage and hatred.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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