CONSOLE: Love Is In The Air

Shine a little love this week…

Legendary Glory Bundle: Imp Of Love

Welcome the Imp of Love. He’s here to spread a little romance throughout the tattered and troubled lands of Krystara.
He’s even inspired a new bit of poetry, from everyone’s (except Dark Song’s) favorite Orcish Poet, Gar’Nok:

I love you like I love red meat.
You’re tough, and warm and good to eat.
I love you like I love my axe.
You’re weighted quite well, and when I hold you, I want to kill, and MAIM, and KNOCK THINGS DOWN! RAAWWWWRRRR!!!!

It’s no surprise Gar’Nok gets all the girl Orcs.

Glory Bundle: Dragonette

We know some of you already have the Imp of Love, but never had a chance to get him in Glory bundles like PC/Mobile players did, so we’ve made him available this week leading up to his favorite day of the year, Valentine’s Day!

HOWEVER, for the Traitstone enthusiasts out there, we ALSO wanted to give you something more useful than the Arcane Rage (red/red) Traitstones that comes with the Imp. Thus, we’ve included the Dragonette this week so you can pick up some Arcane Venom (green/purple) Traitstones for your new Krakens!

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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