Run! Run Away!

CONSOLE: Run, Run Away!

Bunni’Nog is here to wish you a very Late-But-Happy Easter… and eat your face!

New Troop: Bunni’Nog

What does every Knight fear?

That’s right – white bunny rabbits.
It is a known fact that more Knights are killed every year by rabbits, than by crocodiles.

This year, a particularly fierce specimen has been spotted in the ravines of Pan’s Vale. The local goatmen have named him Bunni’Nog (literally “The Hungry Angry Bunny” in their local tongue); he first came to their attention when he decimated a patrol of 12 knights who strayed over the border from Whitehelm.

So now it’s time to mount an expedition to capture this creature before, he wanders into Whitehelm searching for more food!

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

And also… the next console update is almost here! We’re just waiting on Microsoft & Sony to give us the green light!

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