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Hang five, dude!

New Troop: Waverider

The Waveriders of Merlantis have traditionally been both scouts and supports of their army. Fast through the water, and able to summon and ride waves, they are Merlantis’ eyes and ears.
In times of battles, however, they use their speed to pull wounded allies from battle, deep into secret places where they are safe.

New Weapon: Undine’s Trident

It’s been a while since we had a new weapon available for Glory, but Merlantis needed some weapons of its own, so today we have this fine trident… a gift to the folk of Merlantis from its patron spirit Undine, the Guardian of the Waves.

Bonus Glory Troop!

New Troop: Hind

The Hind and the Princess: An Elven Tale

Once upon a time, Princess Elspeth of Silverglade talked an Elven Hunter into capturing a Boar for her dinner.
Wanting to impress his Princess, the Hunter travelled deep into the Silver Forest in search of the most magnificent boar in the Kingdom.
Finally he found the tracks of a HUGE razorback boar, and began to follow them deeper and deeper into the woods.

When he eventually caught sight of the creature, he was able to fire off a single arrow. It found its mark, but the boar was so strong, it simply ran away.
So the Hunter chased it still deeper into the woods until he caught sight of it again. This time he was able fire three arrows off in rapid succession. All three found their mark, but still the boar was hardy enough to make its escape.

Almost in despair, the Hunter gave chase one final time, when he saw something amazing. A Hind – half deer, half human – had thrown a spear, skewering the very boar he had been tracking, and what was more surprising – it lay dead on the ground, felled by a single hit straight through its eye.
Terrified by the skill of the Hind, the Hunter tracked her and her prize, until she set up camp and went to sleep for the night, then he stealthily stole the boar and headed back home to Silverglade.

When he returned back, Princess Elpseth was so overjoyed she even pretended to remember his name. She threw a huge feast that night, and ate so much boar that she choked. REALLY choked – unable to breathe at all. While the whole court of Silverglade stood around, terrified to try and help in case it incurred the Princess’ wrath, something magical happened… A Hind (the very one who had slain the boar) leaped into the middle of the feast. She had tracked the Hunter all the way back to Silverglade in search of her prize. However when she saw the princess choking she acted without hesitation; she bounded up behind Princess Elspeth, leant down, and licked her neck!

It was such a shock for the princess – a large warm and wet tongue on the back of her neck – that she coughed up the boar right on the spot.

Of course she had the Hind executed for gatecrashing her party, but in honor of the creature that saved her from choking, she named the trick it performed the “HIND LICK MANOEUVRE”.

Third Anniversary Event (and Tzathoth)
To kick off our week of 3rd anniversary giveaways we have a surprise troop appearing in your inbox later today – Tzathoth, the Terror of Karakoth (because nothing says happy 3rd anniversary quite like a bunch of surprise tentacles).
Tzathoth will be going straight to chests (Glory, Gem & VIP)
Troop Balance
Sea/ Rock/ Desert/ Forest/ Dark Trolls

* Mana cost increased from 11 to 12
* Gem creation reduced from 4 to 3


* Mana cost increased from 16 to 17
* Gem creation reduced from 9 to 8
* Devour chance decreased from 40% to 35%

We have observed the constant rise of Troll/Kraken-based teams over the past few weeks, and their win rate on defense has been a little bit too high.
This was a tricky one to balance, as Trolls (although counterable by removing their target gem color) were still a little too efficient, so needed a slight adjustment.
And Krakens, who seemed to be more of a problem, as there were a couple of Kraken Teams without Trolls overperforming, seemed to be above the power curve in a number of areas.
We’ve chosen to make a small change to them both for mana cost AND gem creation (along with devour chance for the Kraken). This helps make them a little less reliable for looping, which hopefully should see their win rate coming back in line with other good end game teams, and more importantly make them a little less frustrating to face.

Troop Refund
The following troops are available for refund for the next week:

* Kraken
* Sea Troll
* Rock Troll
* Dark Troll
* Desert Troll
* Forest Troll

Please note this Event is exclusive to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of the game.

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