Swamp Thing

CONSOLE: Swamp Thing

There’s trouble in the Mist of Scales!

New Troop: Marsh Raptor

The marshes of the Mist of Scales are a dangerous place at the best of times; fortunately there’s not much reason to travel through them, unless you like large hungry serpents, poisonous gas, OR large hungry serpents that BREATHE poisonous gas… Until now that is.

Recent reports indicate sightings of Marsh Raptors, large flightless lizard-birds long thought extinct, and much prized for their beautiful plumage.

Groups of merchants and hunters have been setting forth in ships from the ports of Adana, looking to land on the Mist of Scales’ coast, and return with Raptor feathers, but few have returned. Now’s your chance for glory! Get your own Marsh Raptor this week!

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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