Tastes Like Chicken

CONSOLE: Tastes Like Chicken

It’s a double course on the menu!

New Troop: Dragon Cruncher

We ALL know that Ogres like to eat things, so there’s no surprises what Dragon Cruncher’s favorite meal is. He is the Gordon Ramsay of Draconic Dinners, the Jamie Oliver of Lizardly Lunches, and the Ronald McDonald of Drake-away food.

Now, you might say that there aren’t any Dragons IN the Drifting Sands, and you’d be right! But there used to be a lot before Dragon Cruncher got there. So now he’s looking for a new dragon-infested home, and maybe YOU can help him find it.

New Troop: Mad Prophet

The Mad Prophets are holy men who have wandered into the Drifting Sands from the Leonis Empire, seeking inspiration and guidance from their god, Anu. It’s uncertain if any of them ever find it there, but they certainly DO manage to find madness, thirst, blisters, and a lot of hungry monsters who like snacking on crazy old holy men.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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