CONSOLE: The Odd Couple

They’ll never Orc alone.
(Actually it’s more like the Odd Triple! Orc Veteran, Drake AND Bone Daemon, all in one event!)

New Troop: Orc Veteran

A veteran of a lifetime filled with battles, any Orc who lives long enough to turn gray is truly a force to be reckoned with!
Generally, Orc Veterans have pilfered better armor and weapons than their less experienced brethren, and they also paint special symbols on their faces and bodies to denote their status.

New Troops in Chests: Drake and Bone Daemon

These new troops (part of the Grosh-Nak Kingdom Rework see below) can now be found in chests.

Drake: Gold & Glory Chests, and also as an event troop.
Bone Daemon: Glory & Gem Chests (and in limited numbers in Event Chests)

Please note this Event only applies to the PS4 and XBox One versions of the game.

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