Dead and Loving It

New Troop: Nofseratu

Often known as the children of Draakulis, the Nosferatu are very ancient vampires, who have mastered many of the vampiric talents.
Perhaps the most feared thing about the Nosferatu is their ability to shape into either a bat, allowing them to travel great distances, or into an Umberwolf, who can suck the life from their prey.

New Troop: Bat Swarm

Bat Swarms are (unsurprisingly) common sights in Ghulvania. Though, often harmless to human, as they’re looking for blood from cattle and livestock, VERY occasionally, a vampire will shift his form adn travel with the bats as their leader.

New Legendary Troop: Umberwolf

The most feared form of the Nosferatu is the Umberwolf, since it’s said that his howl is an omen of death for those who hear it.

Please note this Event is on the the XBox One, PS4, PC and Mobile versions of the game (yes that’s ALL of them!).

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