Gems of War 2022 Roadmap

Greetings, Adventurers!

As we approach Gems of War’s 8th anniversary, we have some exciting things planned for the game, and thought it would be great to share them with our community: the long-time battle-tested warriors, the enthusiastic new recruits, and all those in between.

The graphic below is a small window into our development schedule, showing our best guesses at when updates will release, as well as the names of some of the features in those updates, and the special events we have planned. It doesn’t go into too much detail (yet!), but as each update approaches, we‘ll release more sneak peeks of what’s to come.

Okay… This might just leave you wanting more, and the image below has names that are often a bit more about the theme of an update, rather than details of its contents, so here are a few extra hints about what to expect in version 6.3, Depths Below.

The Depths Below will feature some improvements to how we can interact with Delves in the Underworld, including some expansions for the Treasure Hoard, and plans for adding extra troops (and maps!) to existing factions. There’s more too, along with our continued overhaul and upgrade to the game’s UI.

So we hope that has whetted your appetites a little, and we can’t wait to share more with you in the coming months.