Grumpy Kitty

Is not amused by this event…

New Troop: Claw Dancer

The Claw Dancer tribe of the Pridelands are feared and respected for their speed, agility, and ferocity.
They are a matriarchal tribe, who choose their leader through the age old tradition of Par-Sodo-Blei, which roughly translates to “Epic Dance Off”.

In battle, they will leap high over their opponents, and perform acrobatic manoeuvres with terrifying names such as Clau-Sin-Belli (“Gentle Evisceration”), Stah-Bee-Bak (“Enthusiastic Kidney Trauma”), and Sly-See-Fais (“Delicate Facial Rearrangement”)

As you can imagine, most other tribes leave them well alone.

Please note this Event is on the the XBox One, PS4, PC and Mobile versions of the game.

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