Guild Wars Going Forward

Hello Adventurers,

We know you have been waiting for information on Guild Wars. Fear not, Guild Wars is not being cancelled or removed. We have more details of what is exactly going on with Guild Wars below, as well as what’s happening in the immediate future.

When it was discovered during 7.3 development, that there was an issue with running Guild Wars, we had to delay any future Guild Wars events. Every time we update the Gems of War servers, we have a series of tests that check for errors. Unfortunately, we have a few tests that like to misbehave if there are no future Guild Wars events. This is why you may have noticed the time of the upcoming Guild Wars event changing in-game.

Guild Wars was the very first event we ever implemented back in the 3.0 Update (March 2017). As many players may know, Guild Wars has a few legacy issues that we haven’t been able to solve, such as Bracket Promotion and Demotion issues, Loss of Score issues, and Loss of Defence Team issues. These are all intrinsic to the way Guild Wars interacts with our database, MongoDB. They would require us to completely rewrite big chunks of the guild wars event. The more recent issue is that Guild Wars doesn’t play nicely with the new PvP system.

This caused a discussion with the team about Guild Wars, and how we could address all of these issues, as well as integrate the Guild Wars system into new PvP, while implementing some of the feedback we’ve previously received. The only real answer is to rewrite Guild Wars from the ground up.

With that in mind, we plan to take Guild Wars, and rework the event into a new updated system. This new version of the event will be designed to work with the new PvP system, while also resolving the problems the current version has (mentioned above).

We have several new features coming in the next Update which expand the PvP System, including a new event that has some similarities to Guild Wars, and which players will be able to participate in, and compete against other groups of players.

We want to hear players’ thoughts about Guild Wars so we can include that feedback as we design the new Guild Wars.

  • What did you love about Guild Wars?
  • What new features would you like to see?
  • How often would you like Guild Wars to run?

Our hope is to release the new Guild Wars later this year for you to enjoy. But we don’t have an official date to share with you yet.