Hammer Time

Hammer Time

New Weapon: Goblin Crusher
Goblin CrusherHow do we describe today’s event? Interpretive dance seems too pretentious, so we’ll fall back on our old favourite, the limerick:
There once was a Goblin named Jama
A notoriously bad green gem spammer
But the Dwarves of Khaziel
Lured him in with a meal
And then squashed him quite flat with their hammer

Enough said!

Now In Chests: Terraxis
Who’s a fearsome Dark Lord and only has one eye? This guy! Get him now in chests.
Balance Changes
It came to our attention last week that a new power had arisen in Krystara! We’ve had our eye on Goblin teams for some time; the new Zaejin troop bonus had left them a little too strong in comparison to other teams and troops, but the addition of the Green Slime created an unfortunate synergy between Shaman and the Slime!
Individually, both troops were strong, but not too unbalanced, but when placed together, the Shaman/Slime combo created a perfect storm of never-ending gem spam in the hands of high-level players!
The Shaman was in fact a key ingredient in a lot of other Goblin teams too, so it was determined that the best course of action might be a tiny alteration to the Slime and a little more of an alteration to the Goblin Shaman.
It was important to us in making these changes that the Shaman remained a support troop who could power up his Goblins, and the Slime remained a threat who could grow out of control if left alone, so we’ve not altered the nature of their spells, just the amount of Gems they create. Skilled high level players might still be able to create some good loops, but we’re aiming to add just a little more risk to the equation to keep things fun!

Goblin Sharman
Reduce number of Green Gems created from 9 to 7.

Green Slime
Reduced Gems created from 6 to 5

PVP IconPVP Rewards Reminder
With the PVP reset comes payouts in Souls for your efforts on the battlefield against other players. Remember, you’ll have until the next event to climb as high as you can and earn yourself some souls. Here’s what you can earn at each rank:

  • * Rank 1: 300 Souls, 2000 Gold, 100 Glory, 3 Iron Keys
  • * Rank 2: 150 Souls, 1500 Gold, 50 Glory
  • * Rank 3: 80 Souls, 1000 Gold, 40 Glory
  • * Rank 4: 60 Souls, 900 Gold, 30 Glory
  • * Rank 5: 50 Souls, 800 Gold, 20 Glory
  • * Rank 6: 40 Souls, 700 Gold, 10 Glory
  • * Rank 7: 35 Souls, 600 Gold, 5 Glory
  • * Rank 8: 30 Souls, 500 Gold
  • * Rank 9: 25 Souls, 400 Gold
  • * Rank 10: 20 Souls, 300 Gold
  • * Rank 11: 16 Souls, 200 Gold
  • * Rank 12: 12 Souls, 100 Gold
  • * Rank 13: 8 Souls, 50 Gold
  • * Rank 14: 4 Souls, 10 Gold
  • * Rank 15: 1 Gold

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