Hear the Battle Cry of Grosh-Nak!

Welcome to Grosh-Nak
Grosh Nak
Heroes, prepare yourselves to enter the Orcish Strongholds of Grosh-Nak, the battle-blasted lands to the south. The Orcs have been left licking their wounds since the last great conflict that consumed their people. Lost without an enemy, the Orcish Strongholds raided and pillaged each other, for sport and respect amongst their kind. But it was a way of life that would never result in anything greater. Their numbers dwindled, as bodies began to litter the towns and farm lands.

In a move that went against their base instincts, the Orcish leaders reached an accord to pause their feuding. With plans to strike out against the surrounding Forest of Thorns and Mist of Scales, they pooled their resources, and prepared for war once again…Grosh-Nak Map
Keep an eye out in the coming days as we bring you new details of the troops that will be arriving, and prepare your troops to enter the Orcish homeland!