Hey, Coral!

Are we at season 9 yet?

New Troop: Coral Golem

The first Coral Golems were created at the behest of Tellericus, first Wizard of Merlantis, almost 300 years ago. At the time, Merlantis was under siege by Kuotani tribes, massed under the leadership of a powerful Warlord.

Busy shoring up the magical defenses of Merlantis, Tellericus order his apprentice, Reephasha, to help by constructing a wall or barrier that would keep their enemies at bay. Ever the overchiever, Reephasha hit upon a plan; she constructed a Golem and then covered it in sharp serrated coral – not only was it attractive to look at, but it was deadly in combat too!

Reephasha created almost 50 of the creatures, and when the day came, and the Kuotani swam towards Merlantis, they were met with a wall of deadly razor-sharp death golems who proceeded to pound them into fish paste.

And Tellericus looked over at his apprentice, nodded, and said “Great Barrier, Reeph”.

Please note this Event is on the the XBox One, PS4, PC and Mobile versions of the game.

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