Holiday Event: Fortune & Glory

Holiday Event

For the next 2 weeks we will have the Fortune & Glory event. Win Battles against Dragon’s Claw Enemies to earn Fortune that can be spent in the Event Shop for Rewards.

New Legendary Troop: Tianlong

The featured reward in the Fortune & Glory is the Legendary Troop, Tianlong.

Other Rewards

Other rewards available in the this event are:

  • Tianlong’s Fire: This pet will give a Skill buff to Tianlong.
  • Crimson Armor: This is a returning cosmetic Armor for you to show off.
  • Traitstone Pack: These Traitstones can be used to unlock all Traits on Tianlong.
  • Pet Food Bundle: Contains enough Pet Food to fully level Tianlong’s Fire.
  • Orb of Power: This Orb can be used to fully upgrade a Troop to max Level, rarity and fully traited. (Does not give Elite Levels).
  • Tianlong’s Golden Fire: This cosmetic pet can be earned by fully purchasing all stock for Tianlong’s Fire or by purchasing the Golden Holiday Battle Pack 5 times.
  • White Pet Food Bundle: This offer is unlocked once the Pet Food Bundle has been purchased.
  • Legendary Medal Bundle: This offer is unlocked once the Traitstone Bundle has been purchased.
  • Major Orb of Chaos Bundle: This offer is unlocked once the Orb of Power has been purchased.