Kingdom Preview: Drifting Sands

Kingdom Preview: Drifting Sands

Here’s a quick peek inside the Drifting Sands, coming in 1.0.9. We’ve included a little teaser about 2 of the new troops you’ll meet there!

Drifting Sands Landscape
To the South of the Wild Plains and the Divinion Fields, over the Horned Peaks, the clouds have parted, and intrepid adventurers will soon be able to travel to the Drifting Sands.

Few humans live in this brutal and wild place, save for a few nomadic tribes, remnants of the once-great civilization who lived here before some great cataclysm reclaimed their kingdom.

These days, the Drifting Sands are mostly inhabited by monsters, beasts & magical spirits, ready to devour or enslave unwary travelers and treasure hunters.

Beware The Great Maw
The Great Maw
The Great Maw is the most dangerous creature roaming the Drifting Sands.

This enormous ancient ancestor of the Rock Worm is the last of its kind known to exist. It can burrow beneath the sand and appear suddenly beneath travellers, swallowing them whole.

The Great Maw introduces a new mechanic to Gems of War. Its spell is very powerful – the highest mana-cost spell in the game; so powerful in fact, that it can only be cast once in a battle (yes, once, even if you have more than one Great Maw on your team… once TOTAL).

New Troop: Dust Devil
Dust Devil

Dust Devils are ancient evil spirits who have shrouded themselves in cloaks made entirely of sand.

Difficult to see until they rise up from the dunes in front of you, these creatures have an interesting and unique power.

By controlling the wind and sand, Dust Devils can not only damage the entire enemy team, but they knock the first enemy opponent into last position!

The 1.0.9 update is currently for mobile & PC only.

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