Kingdom Rework – Pan’s Vale

New Spell Term

* Shift – steal a Skill Point and add it to a different Skill.


* Spell now steals 2 Armor and shifts it to Magic
* Nature Spirit trait changed to Swift

War Goat

* Mana cost reduced from 7 to 6

Blade Dancer

* Spell now steals Magic from a random Enemy
* Siege Trait changed to Alert

Satyr Musician

* Spell now targets the first 2 Enemies
* Spell now steals Magic from Enemies as well as Silencing them


* Spell boost ratio increased from 3 to 7
* Fey Slayer trait changed to Song of Light


* Nature Brand trait changed to Fey Touch


* Mana cost increased from 8 to 12
* Spell now gives Life to all Allies, boosted by damage dealt (at 1/3 scale)
A small mistake went out with Faunessa. So we’re going to reduce the boost from the “Give Life” part of her spell. We’ll also be reverting her Magic scaling.


* Mana Cost reduced from 13 to 12
* Fast trait moved to 2nd Trait
* Wildfolk Shield changed to Mana Shield, and is now the 3rd Trait


* Troop type change from Beast to Beast/ Wildfolk
* Spell now deals double damage to Knights, with a chance to Devour Knights
* Beast Bond trait changed to Thick Hide

King Silenus

* Spell now Steals magic from affected Enemies

The Wild Queen

* Green + Skull Gem creation increased from 16 to 22

Pan’s Vale rework will appear in the game before Daily Reset today.