Knockin’ on Dwarven Doors (PC/Mobile and Console)

It’s getting dark, too dark to see.

New Troop: Dwarven Gate

Following some failed attempts at early complex doorcrafting, involving magical doors that opened with a simple command word (like ‘friend’) which seemed to allow all sorts of undesirables into your mines, the Dwarves soon discovered that LARGE LOCKS were actually a far better security measure. In the years since those early heady days, doorcrafting has become both an artform and a science, requiring a 2-decade-long apprenticeship before even the simplest gate can be made.

New Troop: King Highforge

It is customary for the Dwarven Crown of Khaziel to pass to the eldest child (male or female) of the previous monarch. However, the Highforge Dynasty had a dilemma; Old Queen Bronhilda Highforge II gave birth to twins. Ordinarily this wouldn’t have been an issue, as the first twin born would have received the Crown. BUT, due to the Dwarven midwife, having to hasten to the royal chambers after a long night playing drinking games at the taven, there was an incident where she dropped both boys on their heads and mixed them up.

The Queen, in her wisdom, decided that since Dwarven Ale got them into this mess, it was only fitting that Dwarven Ale should get them out of it, and when the time came for the crown to pass to its new owner, she proclaimed a royal drinking contest to determine who should wear it.

Prince Bardin Highforge went first. He drank 20 tankards of the strongest Dwarven Brew they could find, then threw his axe at a target on the wall and hit a bulls-eye. He turned to his twin brother and said, “Ha! Beat that, Grumdur, ye little worm, and ye’ll be the next King!” He then burped, and fell on his face.

Prince Grumdur, left the hall, and was gone for a full hour before he returned, whereupon he gulped down 20 tankards, like his brotehr before him, grabbed his axe, threw it, and split his sibling’s axe in two, head and all. The crowd cheered, and Grumdur was proclaimed the new King! Queen Bronhilda was curious though, and she asked her son, the new King, where he had gone for that hour before he drank the ale and threw the axe.

“Well,” said the new King Grumdur Highforge, “It looked to be a tricky business, drinkin’ all that ale, and throwin’ axes… So I wanted to make sure I could do it first.”

Please note this Event is on the Steam, iOS, Android, PS4 and XBox One versions of the game. (Psst, that’s all of them!)

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