Ladyhawk (PC/Mobile and Console)

Falcons are a girl’s best friend.

New Troop: Falconer

In the Leonis Empire, Falconry is a sport only practised by the nobility. Every noble will have at least one Falconer in his employ, and quite possibly a stable of different birds, including Falcons, Hawks, Eagles, Owls, and Osprey.

New Troop: Warhawk

The Warhawk is one of the fiercest and most intelligent birds used by the Leonine Falconers. The Emperor himself keeps an entire roost of these birds at his disposal.

Guild Wars Scoring

We’ve got a couple of minor tweaks to guild wars scoring starting in the next Guild War.
1. We’re re-jigging the points from a flat 300 across the board to: 250,275,300,325,350. This should make the paragon battles feel as if they’re worth a little more without skewing the results too far in terms of the effects of RNG.
2. We’re going to emphasize speed slightly more in the calculation, giving it a base of 50 moves (up from 30) to count down your bonus.

Please note this Event is on the Steam, iOS, Android, PS4 and XBox One versions of the game. (Psst, that’s all of them!)

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