Legends Reborn – Mist of Scales

For the next week we will have a Legends Reborn event set in the Mist of Scales. Legends Reborn can be accessed from either the Games Menu or the Mist of Scales Kingdom Menu (if the storyline has been completed previously).

Legends Reborn Changes

We have made some changes to this Legends Reborn event, compared with previous events:

  • Duration: This Legends Reborn event will only last for 1 week (compared to 2 weeks previously).
  • New Reward Tracks: We have revamped all of the reward Tracks (Free, Gems, Premium, and Bonus) with a set of new Rewards, such as Orbs of Glory, Books of Deeds, Dragonite, and Shiny Tokens; along with the Pets that can be earned.
  • Story Difficulty Unlocks: As the event now last for a week, the Story difficulties will unlock over the first 5 days of the event.
  • New Tier Targets: The amount of the event resources that needs to be earned to unlock each tier has been reduced for the shorter event duration, and made easier in addition to that (the collection event can be completed with 25% of the previous targets).

Mist of Scales Story Update & Replaying the Story

As part of the celebration for this event, we have gone back and updated the story. This updated story has been rewritten to use the new conversation style.

You will be able to play/replay the story for Mist of Scales during this event. The story will have multiple difficulties that can be played through as new difficulties unlock over time. Each time a new difficulty is completed, players will earn some copies of one of the new Pets.

Please Note: Any quest rewards from normal playthroughs of the story (Bonus Income, etc) will not be earned if playing the Story through Legends Reborn.

Earn Rewards

Defeat Red Enemies and collect Snake Fangs to earn the Reward Tiers for this event. Collecting the rewards for each track within a Tier will unlock access to the Bonus reward for that Tier.

New Pets

We have several new Pets that Players will be able to collect from the event:

  • Wererat’s Miasma – This pet will buff the stats of the Wererat. It can be earned from the Free Reward Track in this Legends Reborn, and by purchasing the Premium Reward Track.
  • Swamplash’s Bud – This pet will buff the stats of Swamplash. It can be earned by completing playthroughs of the Mist of Scales story within Legends Reborn at different difficulties.
  • Basilisk’s Hatchling – This pet will buff the stats of the Basilisk. It can be earned by purchasing the Gem Reward Track.
  • Takshaka’s Worm – This pet will buff the stats of the upcoming Mythic, Takshaka. It can be earned by purchasing the Premium Reward Track.
All Pets will also be available as a possible random Pet Rescue from defeating a Pet Gnome. However this event will be the main way to guarantee to get them, as well as earn enough copies to fully upgrade them.

Known Issues

We are aware of a few issues with this Legends Reborn event:

  • Green Tick Visual Issue: There is a visual issue where a green tick graphic is appearing behind some of the rewards. We have a fix coming in a future update. This is a visual issue only and does not affect any rewards you receive.
  • Legends Reborn World Map Button: Currently the button that appears on the World Map for Legends Reborn will not take players to the event. Players can still access the event via the Games menu or Kingdom menu as previously mentioned.