March Event Calendar

Spring has sprung in Krystara! So let’s hop into what is ahead in Gems of War

  • 15th: Expanded Faction in Lyrasza’s Lair
  • 25th: New Campaign begins!
  • 29th March – 1st April: Good Friday & Easter long weekend (studio is closed)
  • 25th – 31st: Easter Advent Calendar

From the 18th of March, Switch players will be on the same schedule as all other platforms!

Lastly, for anyone who follows our Facebook & Twitter, we have made some changes to our social posts. As a start you may have noticed some new Arena and Vault graphics. Then from the 18th of March, the Sunday weekly event post will now include the Faction event, Pet Rescue and Hero class event details for the week. This means that from Tuesday to Thursday there will no longer be posts going out unless there is a special event or important news to share.

There will be some updated graphics generally over the next coming weeks and months – no changes to the blogs though! Just the images displayed on Facebook and Twitter.

*While events are scheduled in advance, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances the events may be swapped or changed last minute. So please be aware that when the schedule is shared, it is also subject to change.

Reminder: We have an article that covers what each of these different icons are, for the various events in Gems of War. As well as links further to a list of the Class, Faction and Kingdom shields!