New Campaigns Sneak Peek

Hello Adventurers! We have some exciting changes coming to campaigns in the 6.9 Update. Let’s dive right in!

We have seen 13 Campaign so far, from the Seal of Kurandara, saving Urskaya from a Daemon Lord, right through to the Spirit Window where we have discovered Vulpacea. It’s been a wild ride, but it’s time for a few changes.

After 130 weeks of completing many series of small and intricate tasks, we are going to streamline how you earn campaign stars to progress. Based on feedback we’ve received, our own experiences, and having examined the data of how campaign tasks are being completed, it seems that many of the more difficult tasks have become a bit of a chore. That’s only natural after all this time.

So… The new campaign task system works as follows:

  • Each week has 1 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze task.
  • Tasks are now simpler, and tend to be things like Win Battles, Match Colored Gems, or Earn Gold – all things that you tend to do in the natural course of playing.
  • Each of those tasks above is divided up into 5 milestones.
  • You’ll still earn 100 Stars per week, but now you earn some of them at every milestone.
  • The Gold task earns 50 Stars, the Silver task earns 30 Stars, the Bronze task earns 20 Stars.
  • The good news is that you don’t have collect them at every milestone though, they just accumulate.
  • You do have to collect your stars once a task and all milestones in it are complete. This will trigger the next task to start if available (otherwise you’ll need to wait until the next week).
As you can see, the new campaign task system is a lot less intrusive than the current one. There’s no hunting Gnomes, switching banners, or changing hero classes required. It’s also much easier to catch back up in the campaign if you miss a week or two.

Due to an unfortunate bit of timing, the next campaign (Campaign 14 – Aravata’s Skull) was due to start 2 weeks before the 6.9 update releases. Because we’re so excited to share these changes with you, we have decided to delay campaign 14 for 2 weeks so it can start once update 6.9 is released. We hope that’s not too much of an inconvenience but we’re certain you’ll enjoy the changes.

Of course the 6.9 Update has some other cool stuff in it too but we will share more about that in the patch notes around release.