New Event Calendar Posts!

Hey all!

With 7.0 released we can also share a small Community plan we have been working on. Each month we plan to release an event calendar with a blog post to give you all an idea of what is to come in the month ahead!

This will include the weekly and weekend event, the Kingdom, Campaign details, the daily events and any other events running throughout the month. 

Without further ado, here is August*!

Currently, this will be only for PC, mobile, Xbox & Sony platforms, with plans in future to release a Switch schedule as well.

*While events are scheduled in advance, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances the events may be swapped or changed last minute. So please be aware that when the schedule is shared, it is also subject to change.

For more information:

We have an article that covers what each of these different icons are, for the various events in Gems of War. As well as links further to a list of the Class, Faction and Kingdom shields!