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New Pet: Kit Sith

A new pet has been released, the Kit Sith. You can get your Kit Sith from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.

The Kit Sith will also start appearing as a potential Pet Rescue from Pet Gnomes in 3-4 weeks’ time.

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2 Comments ON " New Pet – Kit Sith "
  • alt_example

    Angela August 8, 2018 at 23:50 - Reply

    I really enjoy the game but find the games side of it not worth the effort as I have battled for most the pets but can’t get no we’re past 2 as it is made near enough impossible to beat so don’t think I will bother same with the dungeon game and bosses you have made it to hard and I won’t be swayed into putting loads of money into the game to get the higher cards or allies, my whole family enjoys playing but are on the edge of deleting the game for this reason and I am sure we are not the only people who feel this way, please try and do something about it. Thanks.

  • alt_example

    PAULO August 11, 2018 at 18:21 - Reply

    Hmmm… I agree with you that pet rescue is hard. I can barely pass the 3rd battle most of the times, and it quite frustrating. But I hope that as we level up, unlock kingdoms, level them up to level 10, get a way to increase the level power, things will be rewarding. I mean, I couldn’t even beat the first fight two months ago and today I can sometimes beat the 3rd. Let’s keep the hope, Angela! ^_^

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