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New Pet: Prancer

A new pet has been released, Prancer. You can get your Prancer from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.

Prancer will only be available from the Holidays Pet Events.

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  • alt_example

    Tessa Briley December 26, 2018 at 16:53 - Reply

    I am so upset and disappointed. I’ve only been playing about 2 weeks and was happy at the chance to get what I thought was a fun pet that would give red bonuses. I can’t get far in the pet rescue so I paid some of my Christmas money for this useless thing. I splurged $20 for a basket with a guaranteed pet. The only place to find that it’s worthless is if you hit the tiny little question mark. Its not on anything to get you excited. Maybe people who have been playing this for a while have been burned enough to where they know better, but I’m disappointed to have to learn this lesson on Christmas.

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