A New Mythic Approaches – Voice of Orpheus

New Mythic Troop: Voice of Orpheus

The Leonis Empire is a Kingdom of 2 Gods.

The Emperor is said to be descendent of Anu, wears his crown, and rules in his name, as Anu is the King of the Gods of Krystara.
The Emperor’s consort, on the other hand, Divine Ishbaala, is leader of the Devoted. She worships Orpheus, and along with her priestesses, interprets the will of her God by listening to the songs of the Manticores, as Orpheus is the God of music and poetry.

When Orpheus needs to speak with his priestesses urgently, however, he does not have time to wait for a bunch of singing winged lion-scorpions to figure out what’s up and sing about it… He sends a messenger – the Voice of Orpheus. This divine creature appears as a beautiful human, and their voice is so mellifluous, that all but the Devoted become immediately entranced.

And today is a momentous event; the Voice of Orpheus has appeared in Leothasa for the first time in many years. That would ordinarily be a cause for celebration, but today there is only dire news. A new threat has arisen – an ancient evil God, Zuul’Goth, is approaching Krystara, and it will soon be time for its people to pull together against this new threat.

Please note this Troop is currently available on PC, Mobile, PS4 and XBox One.

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