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    The Holy Trinity

    6 May 2018 , by Nimhain

    We have 2 troops from the “Holy Trinity” below… stay tuned for the final one (a Bounty troop) on Friday! New Invasion Troop: Statue of St. Veritas St. Veritas is a revered figure in Whitehelm. It is said that he performed 3 miracles in his lifetime. The first was at the siege of Khaz Dromaan in a dispute over land...

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    A New Mythic Approaches –...

    4 May 2018 , by Saltypatra

    New Mythic Troop: The Wild Queen Once upon a time, there was a little girl called May. Her parents were famous minstrels, but poor May couldn’t sing a note. Time after time, her parents scolded her for her poor voice, but try as she might, she just couldn’t sing. May had a secret though – at night when her parents...

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    3.4 Patch Notes

    30 April 2018 , by Nimhain

    Pets * Pets have been added to the game * Pets can be viewed in the Troop Menu (on the Pets tab) * Pets can be unlocked via the Pet Rescue minigame (more on that below) * Pets come in 3 Types: Buff, Loot or Event * Buff Pets will increase team bonuses from Kingdom, Color or Troop Type. They...

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