Patch 1.0.7 Part 1

Patch 1.0.7 Preview Part 1

The absolutely massive 1.0.7 update is nearly here. As we sort out the final details, we have a series of previews to share! Today we’re going to be sharing two often requested features, new Troop Collection tools, a new ‘Scouting’ feature, along with a new look for Troop Cards. Read on for all the details!

New Card Design
Coming with 1.0.7 is a new bolder design for Troop Cards that will better show of its wonderful art and rarity. Along with that, all troops will now feature a Troop Type! We’ll be revealing who’s becoming what as part of the 1.0.7 Patch Notes when it launches! Lastly, in a minor change, we’ll be resolving some confusion by removing the Golden transformation that Level 15 cards have.
New Card Design

New Troop Collection Management
It’s been asked for and here it is, new Troop Collection Management. As an added bonus, weapons are also going to be part of this new interface to allow quick building of an entire team.
New Troop Collection
Aside from the overall interface change, the three biggest additions to Troop Management are Filter, Sort, and Search.

  • Filtering will let you set a Mana Color and Kingdom for the troops you would like to see.
  • Sorting will allow you to reorder troops based on Card Name, Level, Rarity, various stats, and more!
  • Finally, you will be able to search your entire collection by name or troop type if you know exactly the card you’re looking for!

New Troop Collection

All of these new tools will be available to you at anytime, rather than only prior to a battle. Making Team building easier than ever before, you can create and experiment with outlandish builds, or steadily refine your perfect team. All of these can be saved to individual team slots with a unique name, ready to be called up at any time.

How you construct your Teams will become increasingly important this update when it comes to Team Bonuses, which will be covered in a future preview!

With new Team Management comes the need for better intelligence. In 1.0.7, you will now be able to spend a small amount of Gold ahead of the battle to see what team you will be facing off against. From there, you will be able to select which Team you take into battle. Scouting can be used all across the game except in Arena. Arena organizers insisted that to stay true to the time honored traditions, Teams must charge into battle blind!

That’s all for this first look at 1.0.7. Keep an eye out for more details of what’s coming up over the next week!

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