PC/Mobile 3.0.5 Patch Notes

Welcome to PC/Mobile 3.0.5…

Major Features

VIP Changes and New Levels
* Added VIP Levels 16-20 with new rewards
* Each VIP level (including 1-15) now awards a new Team Slot
* Existing VIP members will be awarded these new team slots when leveling up or making a purchase
* VIP menu now displays the progress for each level

New Team Slots
* Now unlock new Team Slots at Levels 200, 210, 220, 230, 240 and 250
* Gaining VIP Levels will now also add an additional Team Slot (as mentioned above)

Traitstone Regions Menu
* Accessible from the Crafting Menu or Hero Menu Collection Tab
* Displays a list of Kingdoms which can unlock a chosen traitstone
* Selecting a location will immediately take you to that location on the World Map

Collected Mail Menu
* Collected mail can now be viewed from the Mail Menu
* Stores the last 30 mail collected

Server Status Display
* Shows the current status of the Gems of War servers
* If there are any issues, the status of them will be displayed on the loading splash screen and the world map
* The current status will always be displayed in the Settings Menu

Guild Wars
* Displays the Enemy Progress on the Attack Tab
* Displays the current war’s Mana Color on the Attack Tab

UI Updates
* World Map has been improved
* Guild Wars can now be accessed from the World Map

General Spell Effect Changes
* Death Mark will now no longer activate on the first turn
* Barrier now blocks devour

As PC moves to Unity

PC moves to Unity
PC version should be looking more like the console version; however, a couple of console feature will not be available at the moment:
* Custom Defence AI
* Task System

Unity Changes
First-Time User Experience Rework
New tutorials for new users
Streamlined first battles to better understand the mechanics of the game
New starting weapon – “Blade of Heroes”
New starting troop – “Baby Dragon”
Some existing players may receive these new tutorials.

Spell Gem Helper
* Spells that use specific gem colors now display counters for related gems on the board

Animation Speed
* Speed up or slow down the animations of Spells, Gem Matches and Trait Activations in battles

Controller Support
* Now officially has full Xbox One and Xbox 360 Controller Support
* Swap between Mouse and Controller instantly the moment it detects a different input
* New Event Menu
* New menu combines News and Events into a single location
* There is now a CLAIM ALL button for Event Point Rewards
* New Offers Menu – combines the Path to Glory, Special Offers and Growth Packs in a single location, and keeps track of all your Path to Glory and Growth Pack purchases and progress
* New Chat Menu with Block List
* Block other players from the Profile Menu
* Timestamps now displayed in chat
* Chat window can be moved by dragging the top part of the menu around
* You can Drag the menu around to place it in your preferred spot on the screen
* Inactive Chat Opacity allows the Chat Menu to still be shown on screen while playing the game

UI Improvements
* Blur now implemented in game and can be disabled in the Settings Menu
* Spells, Troops and Traits now cycle all popup-help instead of just the first 2
* Improved mana and spell effects in battle
* Better skull attack animations
* Particles are now in the game in various locations
* New Arena Menu, more in keeping with other pre-battle menus
* UI in the arena has changed to be more descriptive of current progress
* Arena weapons selector has been updated to use the standard weapon selector

* Difficulty is now edited on the Pre-Battle Screen in battles where it applies. This is to clarify when difficulty is applicable to a battle.
* Ascending troops now allows ascending multiple rarities at once
* Disenchanting troops menu now goes to max if you go backwards past zero.
* Mail items can now display more than 5 rewards
* New and Enhanced Splash Screens
* Can now sort troops by Spells and Traits in the Troop Collection Menu
* Test your defense team using the Test Defense Team button in the PvP Defenders Tab
* Quest progress now displays the total number of quests and objectives for the current quest line
* Quest now hides any future quest descriptions as “???”
* Event Bonuses are now displayed in the stat breakdown
* Troop Crafting menu now shows base level stats instead of stats with bonuses
* New reorder spell animation
* Updated Game Icon

Please note that while PC will be making the move to Unity, Mobile will take a big longer. Therefore, these changes are only applicable to the PC version of the game.

Balance Changes

* Reduced Mana cost from 12 to 10

* Changed Troop Type from Wildfolk to Urska

* Increased legendary traits Life gain from 4 to 8

Black Beast
* With the change to Barrier to prevent Devour, Black Beast will now dispel his ally before he devours it. Spell text hasn’t been changed though.

Dark Troll
* Spell now creates 4 Purple Gems after doubling the number of Purple on the board.
* Changed Elemental Bond trait to Troll Regeneration

Desert Troll
* Spell now creates 4 Yellow Gems after doubling the number of Yellow on the board.
* Changed Regeneration trait to Troll Regeneration

* Mana cost increased to 24
* Jinx trait has been replaced by Cursed

* Change Troop type from Wildfolk to Wargare
* Change Grudge to Armored
* Now Gains Magic at Levels 16, 19
* Now gains additional magic at level 20

* Chance to devour has been reduced from 50% to 40%
* Gate Guardian legendary trait now only has a 50% chance to summon a Warg on enemy death.

* Spell will now also deal half the damage to adjacent enemies of the target

Rock Troll
* Spell now creates 4 Brown Gems after doubling the number of Brown on the board.
* Mana Cost increased from 10 to 11

Savage Hunter
* Change Troop type from Wildfolk to Wargare
* Changed Wildfolk Bond to Wargare Bond
* Mana Cost increased from 7 to 9
* Spell Change, now does bonus damage vs Green troops. Still places a Hunter’s Mark.
* Base dmg reduced from 5 to 4

Scale Guard
* Change Empowered trait to Swift

Sea Troll
* Spell now creates 4 Blue Gems after doubling the number of Blue on the board.
* Mana Cost increased from 10 to 11
* Changed Regeneration trait to Regeneration

* Change Stealthy to Agile
* Change Avenger to Barkskin
* Change trait order from Nature Brand > Stealthy > Avenger to Nature Brand > Barkskin > Agile

Urska Wanderer
* Changed Troop Type from Wildfolk/Knight to Urska/Knight

Wild Fang
* Changed Troop type from Wildfolk to Wargare
* Spell Change, now does bonus damage vs Yellow troops
* Base damage increased from 4 to 5

Time to put the power back into this Storm Giant!
* Increase boost ratio from x 3 to x10
* Increase base spell damage from 5 to 8
* Change Air Spirit to Huge
* Change Trait order from Giant Bond > Air Link > Air Spirit to Giant Bond > Huge > Air Link

Grosh-Nak Kingdom Rework

New Orc Exclusive Traits:
* Orc Fury — Gain 3 Attack when I take Life damage.
* Orc Armor — Gain 5 Armor when I take Life damage. 
* Orc Cunning — Gain 2 Magic when I take Life damage.

Armored Boar
* Increase boost ratio from x3 to x5

* Spell now targets Enemy
* Troop Type changed to Orc/ Giant
* Changed Frenzy Trait to Orc Fury
* Base spell damage increased from 1 to 4

Dark Song
* Spell Rework, now deals damage + random debuff to the enemy. If enemy is Orc or Daemon, she will steal Mana from them.
* Mana Cost reduced from 13 to 12
* Now gain Magic at levels 8 and 12
* Changed Nature Spirit to Orc Cunning
* Changed Jinx to Cursed
* Changed trait order from Magic Link > Jinx > Nature Spirit to Cursed > Orc Cunning > Magic Link

Drake Rider
* Spell Damage change to so damage on adjacent enemies now scales
* Changed Pyromania change to Loyal Mount (100% chance to summon a drake on death.)
* Changed Dragon Bond to Orc Armor

* Boost ratio increased from 3:1 to 2:1
* Changed Orc Bond to Orc Cunning

* Spell Rework, now Summons a Random Orc, deal 2 True damage to all allies and create Red + Brown gems, boosted by Orc Allies.
* Legendary Trait reworked to all allied Orcs start with 50% Mana.
* Changed Armored to General
* Changed Avenger to Orc Armor

Kruag the Dread
* Summon condition changed from 13+ Purple Gems to 13+ Red Gems
* Base spell damage increased from 1 to 4
* Mana cost reduced from 16 to 15
* Changed Regeneration to Impervious

* Spell Rework, now Gains attack, boosted by converting Green to Brown. Enrages himself.
* Mana cost increased from 7 to 10
* Changed Doom to Armored
* Changed Grudge to Orc Armor
* Traits reordered from Doom > Fire Link > Grudge to Orc Armor> Armored > Fire Link

* Spell now summons a Bone Daemon
* Spell Life buff increased from 4 to 6
* Changed Magic Heart to Orc Armor

* Spell now damages first 2 enemies and poisons the last 2 enemies
* Mana cost increased from 10 to 11
* Base spell damage increased from 4 to 5
* Now gain Magic at level 12

Troop Refund
The following troops will be available for refund:
* Dark Song
* Gar-Nok
* Famine
* Kerberos

New Troop: Bone Daemon

Bone Daemon makes its home in the Blighted Lands. The Summoner’s new summon will be going into chests with next week’s event.

Major Bug Fixes

Spell Fixes
* Troops which sacrifice themselves will no longer finish the battle prematurely
* Troops with Barrier can no longer be consumed

* Store Purchase Improvements
* Kingdom images should no longer display incorrectly in the crafting menu
* Fixed “The Other Side of Dawn” Trophy from not unlocking when completing all guild wars battles
* Fixed an issue where Sentinel Bonuses were not displaying correctly.

Please note this Update only applies to PC/Mobile versions of the game.

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