Rise from the Ashes

And be born again…

New Troop: Sunbird

The Stryx of Suncrest believe Sunbirds are the offspring of the mythical Phoenix, certainly they possess the ability to erupt into flame and then reform from their ashes, much as the Phoenix did in legends and stories. As such, the Stryx revere these creatures and would instantly strike down any outsiders who tried to harm or capture one!

Similar to Sunbirds are Thunderbirds, though somewhat smaller, and of a slightly different hue. The Stryx can tell the two apart quite easily, and regard Thunderbirds as a menace, since they regularly ruin crops. For the rest of us, the only means of reliably differentiating the two is that Sunbirds have one more pinion feather on their wing, which makes telling the two apart simply… a matter of a pinion…

Please note this Event is for all platforms: PC, iOS, Android, Xbox, and PS4.

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