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Wild Plains

Amongst the twisted rock formations of the Wild Plains dwell pockets of the Tauros. Tribalistic in nature, the Tauros typically live in tight groups that have kept together over generations, passing their stories and beliefs from one to the next. Deeply spiritual, these beastly Shamans and Soothsayers have lived in isolation, until now.

SoothsayerHeroes from across Krystara are travelling to explore these untamed lands. Some are coming to gain a greater understanding of the Tauros’ way of life, others will come with ideas of bringing the tribes in line. What they’ll find amongst The Wild Plains’ jagged landscape is anyone’s guess. Rumours say the land is littered with lost souls trying to figure out what happened to them before passing onto the next world.

Red Green ManaGet ready to explore the Kingdom of Wild Plains in the coming days, with a new quest, troops, and challenges!

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