Spirit Guide

New Troop: Spiritmane

A few times every decade, an albino Raksha is born. Before his or her first birthday, an envoy from the Spiritmanes will be sent to retrieve them.
These Albino Raksha, in turn, become the future Spiritmanes, servants and guides to the many tribes. They tell their future, and provide them with potions and herbs to make them strong in times of war.

The Spiritmane will be available for 300 Glory, and also in Event Chests this week. After the usual 3-4 weeks, he will be available in Glory, Gem, & Guild Chests.

New Troop: Stone-Shaker

Amongst the strange and wonderful beasts of the Pridelands, Stone-Shaker is well-known and well-feared. A particularly large Thunderhorn (a cousin to the Rhynax), Stone-Shaker has a particular dislike of anyone who encroaches upon his territory, especially if they are building things! It is said that a blow, at full speed, from his incredibly thick head can topple a small stone tower!

Stone-Shaker is only available from the Invasion Event Shop this week. After the usual 3-4 weeks, he will be available in Glory, Gem, VIP, & Guild Chests.

New Weapon: Beastly Bow

These legendary bows are crafted by the Saberclaw tribe of the Pridelands. These Raksha typically track prey with a group of beasts they have hand-reared. Only their most fearsome hunters will have one of these bows.

The Beastly Bow costs 14 Mana to cast.

You can craft your own Beastly Bow in the Soulforge this week, or obtain one from the Invasion Event Shop.

Please note this Event is on the XBox One, PS4, PC and Mobile versions of the game.

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