Stone Cold Killers (PC/Mobile and Console)

Untrue lovers and fallen angels.

New Troop: Snow-Hunter

Not all Raksha live in the sun-drenched plains of the Pridelands; their northern brethren live up in the distant snowy mountains, and have grown thick coats of fur to keep themselves warm. Not only is their fur thick though, it is also white, so they can hunt their prey from cover.

Snow-Hunter is a legend amongst the northern tribes as one of the greatest hunters who have ever lived. The Fey fear him, as do the Urska and the northern Dwarves when he ranges far from his homeland, because he hunts not just for food, but also for sport…

Please note this Event is for all versions of the game; Steam, iOS, Android, PS4, and Xbox versions. We’ll be briefly moving out of sync again shortly to help with our final catch up for consoles, but for now, isn’t it nice to have everything release together!

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