The Soul Harvest

Soul Harvest Begins

Soul Harvest is upon us, over the next 7 days, Gems of War will have several spooky events for our players to enjoy.

Soul Harvest will begin at weekly reset.

Soul Harvest Battlecrashers

During the Soul Harvest, we will have 2 different battlecrasher troops.

Battlecrasher number one is this year’s Halloween Troop, The Flesh Horror, who will drop a new Tarot Card, The Devil. The Flesh Horror is a rare encounter in PVP and Explore, which will decrease its chance to appear each time it is defeated. His chance to appear will reset each day at daily reset.

Battlecrasher number two is The Keeper of Souls, who will drop 50 Souls. He will have a flat chance to be encountered in PVP and Explore, the same as previous battlecrashers players have encountered.

New Craftable Mythic Weapon: Trick and Treat

Trick and Treat will be craftable from the Soulforge. It requires five copies of The Devil, dropped from the Flesh Horror battlecrasher this week, as well as Souls and Gems to craft.

Trick and Treat will only be available to craft until the end of November, before it will disappear until October next year.

New Tarot Card: The Devil

The Devil will release with the start of the Soul Harvest Event. For the next week, players will have a chance to earn him by defeating The Flesh Horror battlecrasher.

He will appear in the Vault, 3-4 weeks after the Soul Harvest event ends.

Special Adventure Boards

During the Soul Harvest event this week, each day will have a special Halloween-themed Adventure Board with past Halloween Troops or Halloween-themed Troops available to earn.

The final day, on Halloween itself, The Flesh Horror will become available in both a Special Adventure Board and in Chests.

Heroic Gems Return: Uber Doomskulls and Lycanthropy Gem

During the Soul Harvest event, Uber Doomskulls and Lycanthropy Gems will return, randomly appearing as drops in puzzle battles.