Troop Changes – Bone Dragon Buffs

After careful consideration, the team here at Gems of War has decided to re-buff Bone Dragon. We don’t want Bone Dragon to become obsolete, so in light of this we have made the following changes:

1. Sturdy will be replaced by Impervious.
2. The amount of skulls created before the boost will be increased from 9 to 15.
3. Bone Dragon’s base armour will be increased from 20 to 39.
4. The mana cost of Bone Dragon’s “Strip Flesh” will be reduced from 15 to 8.
5. Bone Dragon will now have a 75% chance to devour on skull damage.

If there any other areas of Bone Dragon that you would like to see buffed, please don’t hesitate to join us on the forums to discuss it further.

Please note this buff applies to both the PC/Mobile and console version of the game.

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