Trunk Call

Dial up the damage this week…

New Troop: Tuskar

The Tuskars of the Pridelands are large slow creatures who live in small family groups. Usually peaceful, they can be extremely dangerous if startled, trampling their foes.
Also, they never forget…

New Troop: Sunsail

Sunsails can be seen year round in the Pridelands, stretched out in the midday sun. Cold-blooded creatures, they use their large sails to help regulate their body heat.
Although they don’t look incredibly dangerous, their bite can leave a nasty infection.

A Small Hero Buff

In the 2.1.5 update we fixed a bug with Heroes & Kingdom Bonuses; the bug had given Heroes too many extra Skill Points from their Kingdom Bonuses. The downside of fixing the bug was that heroes lost some Skill Points, which created confusion for some players.

So, we decided that since heroes had been a little underpowered anyway, it was time for a small buff. Heroes will now gain extra skill points at the following levels:
– Attack at levels 55,110,190
– Armor at levels 75,95,130,160,225
– Life at levels 65,85,120,140,180
– Magic at levels 170,250
This should bring a level 200 hero about on-par with a Mythic Troop for skill points, and allow them some improvement after that.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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