Update 2.0.1 Preview

Update 2.0.1 Preview

Take a look at some of the cool new things coming in the 2.0.1 Update.

New Mode: Explore

A new game mode has been added in ALL Kingdoms. It is accessible once that Kingdom’s quest line is finished.

Explore Mode throws you into a random battle from its Kingdom, with a few troops changed around to keep it fresh, and in return offers you a double chance of Runic Traitstones, and a triple chance at Arcane & Celestial Traitstones.
As a bonus feature, the Explore Menu shows the traitstones available in each Kingdom too!

Dual Troop Types

Up until now, the poor Undead Dragon had to decide if he was Undead, or Dragon. So we asked ourselves… ¿Por qué no los dos? And now he gets to be both (and he feels whole again).
Apart from relieving stress on the Legion of Undead Dragons out there, this addition is sure to mix up a few team comps as new combinations of troops have access to new bonuses.

Not all troops have a double troop type, but you’ll find a goodly number of them that do!

Marauders? What Marauders?

In order to make Double Troop Types work, and to keep things balanced as we continue to pour lots of new troops into the game, we’ve had to add some extra troop types!
Unfortunately, that means the demise of the Marauder as a type; its members (along with many of the Wildfolk) have run off to join the new factions.

To summarize, here are the changes:
* We’ve added: Mechs, Raksha, Wargare, Centaur, Tauros, Orc, Goblin, Naga, Rogue, Mystic, Stryx, Merfolk
* We’ve removed: Marauder
* Marauders & most Wildfolk have migrated to the types above
* A few Wildfolk have stubbornly remained Wildfolk, and have been joined by a few Marauders who didn’t fit anywhere else.

Status Effects

We have 2 new status effects, and a couple of significant changes:
* WEB: Much like Entangle with Attack, Web reduces a target’s Magic skill to 0
* STUN: A stunned troop no longer gain benefits from any of its traits
* DEATH MARK: We have removed the 2 turn grace period at the start of this effect – now it actually feels dangerous!
* ENTANGLE: This is no longer removed by Attack buffs, in fact it now stops any Attack buffs applying while in effect. Web works similarly with Magic Buffs.

Trait Changes

As well as adding some new traits related to the new status effects above we’ve also made the following changes:
* IMPERVIOUS now makes troops immune to Mana Burn and Devour
* INDIGESTIBLE is a new trait that makes a troop immune to Devour (sorry Maw!)
* MANA SHIELD is a new trait that makes a troop immune to Mana Burn (sorry Mab!)

Zhul’Kari Rework

Lots of the nasty, evil, spidery troops from Zhul’Kari have had a rework, along with their Dark Elven buddies. The Zhul’Kari troop changes will go live with 2.0.1.

In particular, it’s a great place to find the WEB ability (mentioned above).

Mini Game Button

We’ve added a mini game button to the world map, which will give an option to access Treasure Hunt and Arena directly. It’s also a great place for us to add new Mini Games in future updates! For now, the old mini-game buttons will still be available in their respective kingdoms too.

New Class: Assassin

Visit Raven in the Mist of Scales for a whole new bunch of lies, and also some instruction on what it takes to be an Assassin.
Achieve 250 wins with the Assassin to earn the Serpentine Dagger.

A New Kingdom Approaches: Leonis Empire

Leonis Empire won’t be available on release of 2.0.1, it will be following shortly afterwards.
Visit the Desert Empire of Emperor Khorvash, and discover why it’s currently facing Civil War!

Please note this Update only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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