What is Lava?

It’s getting hot in here….

New Troop: Lava Elemental

Deep within the labyrinthine tunnels of the Broken Spire live many different elemental creatures, but some of the most fearsome are the Lava Elementals. Fortunately for most of us, because they are composed of molten rock, these creatures cannot move far from their lava lakes, lest they cool and turn into statues. When this happens, they do not die, instead they are trapped until the next eruption of Broken Spire when the lava rises up to reclaim them and return them home.

New Troop: Fire Lizard

Closer to the surface, in the caves of Broken Spire, live the decidedly less-fearsome Fire Lizards. That’s not to say they’re peaceful and tame… but rather if you had a choice of being bitten by a giant flaming lizard, or pounded by 3 tons of angry molten rock, nobody would call you a sissy if you chose the former.
Anyway, all choices of fiery death aside, Fire Lizards are very fast, very hungry, and as a consequence of that usually very dangerous. They don’t make great pets. But we still think you should get one this week!

Buff: Death just got Deathlier

We buffed Death just a little bit.
We weren’t too sure last week how much damage he should be doing, so we erred on the side of caution, and removed a boost to his damage (based on his life, with a boost ratio of 3:1). We’ve now added that back in. It synergizes nicely with his 3rd trait, and now he feels just a little more punchy, especially as the battle goes on.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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