Witch Way?

New Guide Troop: The Cartographer

The Cartographer will be available in the Journey Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

Please note the Pathfinder trait is a unique Trait, this means the Trait cannot be stacked with itself, and only one Troop with the Pathfinder trait will apply its bonus in a Journey Event.

New Ultra-Rare Troop: Book of Witches

The Book of Witches will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Weapon: Emerald Censer

This week it will be available in both the Journey shop, and in the Soulforge.

Journey Events Changes

We have listened to player feedback, and reviewed the event data from the last 2 Journey events, and decided to make another change to the level of Journey Event Bosses (which appear every 5 battles). They have changed from gaining +8 levels to +6 levels. This will slow down how fast the battle difficulty increases in the event as players progress. This should be about a further 10% decrease in difficulty. Battles will still give the same amount of Miles as before.