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    CONSOLE: Daughters of Orion

    3 September 2017 , by Saltypatra

    Here comes trouble, and make it double. New Epic: Anthea The two daughters of Orion are as different as night and day. Anthea is the younger daughter – a Centaur who loves nature, in particular the flowers from which she takes her name. She is often seen by the tribes of the Divinion Fields running wild and free, enjoying the... Read more

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    Pop goes the Weasel

    3 September 2017 , by Saltypatra

    Round and round the mulberry bush… New Troop: Princess Fizzbang Blessed with magical powers at birth, Princess Fizzbang teleported from her mother’s womb with a strange magical “zzapp!”, causing the midwives to give her the name “Fizzbang”. Her mother, Queen Grapplepot, approved of the name, possibly due to the j... Read more

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    A New Mythic Approaches –...

    1 September 2017 , by Saltypatra

    Yasmine, I choose you! New Mythic Troop: Yasmine’s Chosen When the Forests of Krystara are under dire threat, the Goddess Yasmine, mistress of life and nature, has a unique way of defending them. She will choose one of the oldest trees deep with the woods, “break off” a small portion of her spirit, and place it within the tree. Th... Read more

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    PC/Mobile: 3.1 Patch Notes

    31 August 2017 , by Saltypatra

    The time has come for the release of the foretold 3.1 Update! This update is bringing you a bunch of fixes, crafting and the Soulforge! Read on, adventurers! Major Features The Soulforge * Complete a new quest to unlock the Soulforge in the Blighted Lands * Craft Troops, Weapons, Traitstones and more in the Soulforge * Collect Jewels and Shards... Read more

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    Rise from the Ashes

    27 August 2017 , by Saltypatra

    And be born again… New Troop: Sunbird The Stryx of Suncrest believe Sunbirds are the offspring of the mythical Phoenix, certainly they possess the ability to erupt into flame and then reform from their ashes, much as the Phoenix did in legends and stories. As such, the Stryx revere these creatures and would instantly strike down any outsiders... Read more