CONSOLE: The Mummy Returns

Long live(?) the King!

New Troop: Mummified King

While the wars between the Anubites and the Settites destroyed Khetar and unleashed a horde of Undead, not all the tombs were broken. Many of the Royal Tombs remained intact and still contain the restless dead, mummified Kings and Queens with the power to destroy those they touch.

New Troop: Bastite Priestess

The Bastite Priestesses, relatives of the distant Raksha tribes, took no sides in the Anubite-Settite War, preferring to stay and guard the Royal Tombs, as was the purpose of their order. Their descendants still live in Khetar, though they are no longer recognized as Raksha, having become feral and almost as dangerous as the horrifying creatures they protect.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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