CONSOLE: Witches in Britches

There really ARE monsters under the bed.

New Troop: Night Hag

More than a century ago, a ship carrying a beautiful Leonine Princess ran aground on the rocks of Darkstone; it was travelling to Adana for her wedding. It was no accident. The merchants of Darkstone often lured ships to their ruin so they could plunder their cargo and riches.

Unfortunately for the merchants, the Princess was also a Sorceress – not incredibly powerful, but powerful enough to enact a curse with her dying breath.

Now, every stormy night, she returns from her watery grave to steal the souls of anybody who does not lock their windows and place a clove of garlic there as protection. The people of Darkstone simply know her as the Night Hag.

There’s also a theory that this is merely a story perpetuated by lock, shutter, and garlic merchants, but who wants to take the chance?

New Troop: Giant Toad

It’s a toad. A really big toad. A really REALLY big toad.
It’s probably as big as medium-sized dog, or maybe a very small LARGE dog. Smaller than a pony though.
But as far as toads go, it’s pretty darned impressive.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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