Gems of War on Next Gen

Gems of War is now available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. We have answered some questions players may have below:

Is this a new version of the game? Are there any feature changes or visual changes?
The version of Gems of War currently on next generation consoles (as of November 2020) is a backwards compatible version of the previous Gems of War that has been certified by Microsoft and Sony to work on the new XBox and Playstations. It is identical in features and visuals to the previous version, though you may see some increase in performance on their powerful new hardware.

Does the next gen console run on a new server?
No, the game runs on that same Servers. So players on PS5 will continue to play with players on PS4, and players on Xbox Series X/S will play with players on Xbox One.

Will I need to start from the beginning on a new account?
No, if you use the same PlayStation or Xbox account from your existing console, the game will carry over your existing account allowing you to continue playing.

Will my purchases and VIP Points carry over to the new platform?
Yes, if you use the same PlayStation or Xbox account from your existing console, then all previous purchases or VIP Points will carry over onto the new console.

Is there a version planned that takes advantage of PS5 and Xbox Series X features some time in the future?
We are currently investigating native builds for the new consoles, but do not have anything to announce at the moment.

Does playing on the next gen consoles give an advantage?
No, there have been no changes that give an advantage for playing on the new consoles.