Holiday Event: Summer of Love

Holiday Event

For the next 2 weeks we will have the Summer of Love event. Win Battles against Bright Forest Enemies to earn Fire that can be spent in the Event Shop for Rewards.

New Legendary Troop: Firenza

The featured reward in Summer of Love is the Legendary Troop, Firenza.

Other Rewards

Other rewards available in the this event are:

  • Firenza’s Flower: This pet will give a Skill buff to Firenza.
  • Summer Armor: This is a new cosmetic Armor for you to show off.
  • Traitstone Pack: These Traitstones can be used to unlock all Traits on Kris Krinkle.
  • Pet Food Bundle: Contains enough Pet Food to fully level Krinkle’s Toy Bag.
  • Orb of Power: This Orb can be used to fully upgrade a Troop to max Level, rarity and fully traited. (Does not give Elite Levels).
  • Firenza’s Golden Flower: This cosmetic pet can be earned by fully purchasing all stock for Firenza’s Flower or by purchasing the Golden Holiday Battle Pack 5 times.
  • White Pet Food Bundle: This offer is unlocked once the Pet Food Bundle has been purchased.
  • Legendary Medal Bundle: This offer is unlocked once the Traitstone Bundle has been purchased.
  • Major Orb of Chaos Bundle: This offer is unlocked once the Orb of Power has been purchased.